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Specialty Automotive Mechanical Services

Searching for a Local Auto Shop to Install Suspension Lift Kits, Performance Tune an Engine or to Rebuild an Engine, Transmission or Rear End... Call Performance Automotive Today!

At Performance Automotive we have the experience and equipment to complete almost any specialty or custom mechanical related job on any type of vehicle.  From “jacking up” your favorite truck with a popular lift kit installation and helping your car, truck, van or SUV operate at maximum horsepower with  enhanced performance tuning to rebuilding your engine, transmission and rear ends, we can help you complete any automotive mechanical project.    

Suspension Lift Kit Sales & Installation for Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUVs

Are you looking to add over-sized tires to your truck and need to install a lift kit?  Do you want to take your truck off road and need it “Jacked-up” or just looking to make your vehicle stand tall in the crowd?  Call us today for lift kit sales & installation prices.

Auto Enhanced Performance Tuning in NC SC

Expert Performance Tuning to Get the Most Horsepower Out of Your Vehicle

Searching for ways to get the maximum performance out of your vehicle?  Let our performance tuning experts help you evaluate your vehicle as well as your enhanced performance needs then use our state-of-the-art tools and experience to get the top horsepower and performance possible out of your vehicle!
Auto Engine, Transmission, Rear End Rebuilding in NC SC

Engine, Transmission & Rear End Rebuilding Services in NC & SC

When repairing your vehicle many times the best replacement part option as well as the best price and value is to install a rebuilt engine, transmission or rear end.  At Performance Automotive we have years of experience and knowledge to rebuild almost any automotive engine, transmission, rear ends and axles.  Call for parts rebuilding & installation prices.

Other Specialty & Custom Automotive Mechanical Repairs, Projects & Service

Do you have a specialty or custom automotive mechanical project that you need guidance or expertise in completing? Our top mechanics have years of experience and have the knowledge to evaluate your mechanical needs and help you complete the job.  Call our mechanics today!

We Specialize in Premium Quality Auto Repairs at Great Prices!

Searching for trusted local garages and auto repair shops with affordable repair prices?  Need new tires, wheels or local towing service?  At Performance Automotive your vehicle will be cared for & repaired by highly experienced mechanics that will treat your vehicle like it was their own.  We only use premium quality replacement parts and we keep our overhead down so that we can offer you our best prices on auto repair!



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